Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. (Nelson Mandela)

support sababu schools

€ 8 a month for a daily warm lunch

  • € 8 a month are enough to feed one kid warm lunch ever day at school.
  • With your monthly donation you help an entire family in need.
  • We transfer the complete amount of your donation directly to the school.
  • As a Lunch-Giver you can introduce yourself in the section Who is Sababu?

Please drop us a line and mention:

  1. Your complete contact details (we value your privacy and protect your data).
  2. In case you want to donate more –please specify the amount.
  3. Do you wish to introduce yourself in the section Who is Sababu?

Thanks for helping us feed the Sababu Kids!

Book a Percussion Workshop for Schools

This group workshop is a joyful one-day-change of school routine. Drumming together is great fun and also helps kids train their concentration skills and attentiveness.

  • Children enjoy one lesson in west african djembés with Mamadou Diabaté.
  • 1 hour for each group (approx. 40 kids)
  • Minimum 150 children.
  • € 5,50 per child plus transport. 
  • 90 % of the sum goes directly to the school's cash register.

Be a Sababu Member for € 49 a year

  • Sababu Members help children from disadvantaged families by making it possible for them to attend primary school.
  • Your contribution serves to cover the running school costs and our administrative costs.
  • As a Member you can introduce yourself in the section Who is Sababu? using Text, Photos, Logo and Video präsentieren.

Please drop us a line and mention:

  1. Your complete contact details (we value your privacy and protect your data).
  2. For how long do you wish to be a Sababu Member.
  3. Do you wish to introduce yourself in the section Who is Sababu?

Thank you for making education possible! 

Donate for Sababu High School

Just like our pupils, Sababu is growing more and more. That's why we want to open a free Sababu High School by 2025  for kids to graduate with a Baccalauréat.


The City of Bobo Dioulasso has already provided us with 1000 m2 of land. Currently Aktuell stellen wir Mittel auf, um die Bauphase zu beginnen und können mit der Hilfe vieler einzelner Helfer vor Ort rechnen.


We are currently collecting funds 





Currently we are beginning to organise the actual construction and can count on many helping hands from local enthusiasts.


With your contribution we will get it done faster!

Help Today with a Donation in Kind


You can support us with a donation in kind.

  • Always welcome: school equipment, furniture, pens and pencils, books, etc.).
  • Please keep in mind that shipping to Burkina Faso is usually expensive. We will assist you to find the cheapest solution.

Charity Concert with Mamadou Diabaté

A charity concert is a wonderful win-win-situation.

  • The audience enjoys a powerful concert of west african music with awarded balafon master Mamadou Diabaté.
  • All collected funds go directly to the cash-register of the school and help cover the running costs.
  • Get in touch with all details and we will make it happen. 

Liebe Besucher, danke für euer Interesse. Die Seite befindet sich  laufend im Aufbau. Wir stehen euch für Anfragen gerne zur Verfügung.

Thanks for being here! Kindly note that this site is under construction. Don't hesitate to get in touch  with your inquires, we are here for you.

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NEU ab 1. August 2023 für die steuerliche Absetzbarkeit in Österreich: Bitte überweist auf das Konto unserer Partnerorganisation HOPE’87, die den Transfer durchführt. Ihr Landesbüro, HOPE’87-Burkina Faso übernimmt die fachliche Begleitung des SABABU Projekts und überwacht die Fertigstellung der Schule sowie deren jährlichen Betrieb. 


Wassergasse 29/3

A-1030 Wien


IBAN AT04 1200 0100 0314 2949


Bei der Überweisung bitte gebt den Projektcode BF_2023_104, Sababu und dann, falls Ihr in Österreich steuerpflichtig seid, Euren Vor- und Familiennamen sowie Euer Geburtsdatum an.

NEW from 1 August 2023 for tax deductibility in Austria: Please make a bank transfer to the account of our partner organization HOPE'87, whose Country Office, HOPE'87-Burkina Faso, is responsible for the project's technical follow-up and oversees the school's completion and annual operation. 



Wassergasse 29/3

A-1030 Vienna


IBAN AT04 1200 0100 0314 2949


When transferring the money, please indicatete the project code BF_2023_104, Sababu and then, if you are a taxpayer in Austria, your first and last name as well as your date of birth.


* Überweisungen innerhalb der  EU kosten dich in der Regel nichts. Sollten Gebühren anfallen, wäre fein, wenn du sie übernehmen würdest. | Transactions within the EU are usually free of charge. Should fees apply we would greatly appreciate it if you would bare the costs. 

Danke für deine Hilfe! | Many thanks for your help!

SABABU - Verein für Chancengleichheit und Förderung des interkulturellen Dialogs

ZVR: 020365875, gegründet 2009

Mamadou Diabaté (Obmann | Chairman)

Tel +43 699 19035254

Mörikeweg 20a/1, A-1160 Wien

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